What is Alexa Rank ? How Does it Work ? Is it Really Important ?


what is alexa rank, alexa ranking

What is Alexa Rank ? Is it really that important ? How does it Work ? What should I do to improve my Alexa ranking ? These are the some questions that are asked by every Blogger. When I started my first Blog, I didn’t have knowledge about anything written above but thanks to the bloggers on the web, their articles and suggestions helped me a lot. So, I’ll tell you about Alexa Rank, it’s importance, working and how I improved Alexa ranking of my first Blog from billions to 23,000 in six months. 

What is Alexa Rank and How does it Work ?

-> What is Alexa Rank ?

Alexa was founded in 1996 by two American web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. Now, the website “Alexa.com” is owned by Amazon . Alexa was acquired by amazon in 1999. We can say that Alexa is the internet statics engine that ranks websites all over the world on the basis of visits or page views. The company keeps the record of almost 1 billion sites over the internet and rank accordingly including all the famous websites like Google (Alexa rank 1) and Facebook ( Alexa rank 2). It also ranks website Geographically. Means you can track the popularity of your website in your country or another that matters you and your business, the most.

-> How does Alexa Ranking Work ?

Let me explain this question in a very simple language . It collects 3  months of historical traffic data  from the users with alexa toolbar. Alexa ranks websites on the basis of vistits of users who have installed alexa toolbar. Means, if your website is getting 10,000 visits per day and lets say the number of alexa toolbar users is 1,000 then Alexa will only consider 1000 visits per day and ranks your website on that basis.

So, install the alexa toolbar now and encourage you visitors to install it. Currently, Alexa toolbar is only available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Alexa also checks the number of backlinks of your website. Alexa ranking also increases with the number of backlinks. 

Improve alexa ranking, alexa ranking

Is Alexa Ranking Really Important

My answer for this question is Yes if you have a Blogging website because all the bloggers and the users who search for blogging related stuff, they definitely have Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa ranking also plays a vital role if you want a better advertiser for your website. Almost all the advertisers pay attention to alexa ranking. They prefer alexa ranking over Google Page Rank.

So, now you are thinking “How to improve Alexa ranking” . I started to write on this blog a week ago and now my website has 20 Lakh (2 million). But this is not the satisfactory one. So, now I am going to tell you, how I am going to improve alexa ranking of Bloggingpace.

How to Improve Alexa Ranking ?

improve alexa ranking, alexa ranking

  •  Install Alexa toolbar and Claim you website on Alexa

This is where to start the journey to improve alexa ranking of our websites. First Install Alexa toolbar in your browser and encourage your visitors to install it. And don’t forget to claim your website on Alexa. Claimed websites matters a lot to alexa. All the popular bloggers have claimed their websites.

  •  Write About Alexa

After completed first step, now you have to write about Alexa and don’t forget to link alexa in that article. There are a lot of newbies searching for these articles. This will help them and encourage them to install Alexa toolbar. You should also add alexa widget on your website. 

  • Write Quality Content – Don’t Copy

It is one of the most important part to improve alexa ranking of your website. Everyone including Google loves quality content. If you write a healthy article on your website then it attracts the users and they will visit again and again. It also helps to improve your Google Page rank. 

Never copy the articles from other websites. Your article should unique. Quality matters a lot not quantity.

  • Update Your Website Frequently

You should update your website frequently. It is not necessary to write 3 or 4 posts daily. You can write 1 quality post daily or within the interval of 2 days. Alexa and Google both love frequently updates blogs. So, it is also a necessary part to improve alexa ranking of your website.

  • Get Quality Backlinks

More Backlinks means better Alexa rank and better Google page rank. There are a lot of ways to increase the number of quality backlinks. You should keep commenting on popular blogs specially on commentluv blogs. Forum participation and Guest posting also helps a lot.

  • Be Social

You should use Social Networking websites regularly. These helps to drive a lot of traffic. Adding social sharing plugin, Google plus follower widget and Facebook like box widget is much helpful.

So, I think you have got your answers. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment. Your comments are valuable to us.

by Sumit Gahlawat

Sumit Gahlawat is part time Blogger and Tech lover. He loves to write about Blogging and Wordpress. Currently, He is pursuing his b-tech with Computer Science.

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    Alexa rank is important for bloggers who want to make good bucks from direct advertisement. And you have shared some nice tips here. I’ll try all these tips.
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    1. Glad you liked it Kuldeep.


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