Install WordPress manually using cPanel – The Easiest Way


OK, you want to start a new WordPress powered blog. Congrats for this and I wish you get a great success in your work. So, Today I will show you how you can “Install WordPress manually using cPanel“. It is very much easy and will not take more than 5 minutes to get your Blog live. Now Let’s get started.

Install WordPress manually using cPanel

We will complete the process in three simple steps :

  1. Download and Upload WordPress
  2. Set up database
  3. Install WordPress

Now lets start with step 1.

1.  Download and Upload WordPress

First of all, you have to download the latest version of WordPress.

Now, Login to your cPanel. After logging in, click on the File Manager and open it. 

install wordpress manually using cpanell, install wordpress

Now Click on ‘Public_html’ present on the left side, see the picture below.

install wordpress manually using cpanel, install wordpress

Now click on the upload button present on the top menu of cPanel. A new window will open up, now select the downloaded and wait till the upload finished.

Now you have to Extact the uploaded zip file. So, right click on the zip file and hit extract. After this you have to move all the files from extracted folder i.e WordPress folder to the main directory. Select all the files in the wordpress folder and hit move.( move files from /public_html/Wordpress to /public_html/  )

First Step completed here. Let’s move towards second step.

2. Set Up Database

Now open “MySQL Database Wizard”.

Here the first step is – Create a Database. So, put a desired name here and hit next button. See the pic below.

The second step is – Create database user. So, fill up all these and hit create user. It is recommended to use a strong password.

The third step is – Add user to Database. Here you have to click on All Privileges and hit next.

Now Click on Return Home and you are done with step 2.

3. Install WordPress

Now, Open your website in a new tab. You will find something as show in the pic below. Here your wp-config file will be created.

Click on Create a Configuration file.

Now Click on Let’s Go.

After this, You have to write the database name, database user name and password that you have given while setting up database. See the pic below.

Click Run the Install

Now Fill all the Information and don’t forget to click on Allow search engine to index my website.

Finally, Your Blog is Alive. So, I think this is an easy method to “Install WordPress manually using cPanel”. What do you think ? Share your thoughts with us. If you have any problem in installing wordpress or you didn’t understand any point, please comment. I will help you.

Your questions and comments are valuable to us. So, Keep asking and commenting.

by Sumit Gahlawat

Sumit Gahlawat is part time Blogger and Tech lover. He loves to write about Blogging and Wordpress. Currently, He is pursuing his b-tech with Computer Science.

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  1. Hey Rohit,
    I think we have also met earlier on ammar’s blog. Right?

    Very ultimate guide to install wordpress from cpanel. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day :)

    1. Yes, thanks for giving your valuable time. Glad you liked it. :)

  2. good a days every web hosting has the feature of one click installation but still it is worth to know how to install manually.


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